HCG Diet

HCG Diet Is It Dangerous?

Currently, the HCG diet is gaining popularity. More and more women are following the HCG diet. The HCG diet is generally of low calorie in nature. However, the FDA hasn’t found any evidence relating HCG Diet to weight loss.

Irrespective of FDA’s stand people are still loyal to HCG Diet.

So what exactly is HCG Diet made of?

First of all, the HCG diet is calorie restrictive. In this diet, you avoid starchy and foods high in carbohydrates. You will be consuming foods high in protein.

You will even have to avoid some veggies too.

There is a list of HCG diet foods that you can find online.

If you are interested in HCG diet you can use it as your grocery list.

Other Components of HCG Diet:

When Dr. Simeons researched regarding the HCG hormone he found that women high in HCG hormone ate low-calorie foods, thereby staying lean and slim. Though this was never proved and backed by scientific data he published it as a research paper.

It gained some popularity during his time and vanished with time.

But in the 1970s some newspaper magazine revived the idea of HCG Diet. It all started all again and has never lost its popularity.

People following the HCG diet must consume or take the HCG hormone either orally or intravenously.

The hormone is of importance because, it is due to the hormone, that one loses weight and can keep off the habit of eating junk foods.

Again, there is no scientific evidence for the same.

This resulted in several companies starting their own HCG drops brands and selling them online.

The Problem with HCG Drops

The demand for HCG drops resulted in several companies selling the hormone as weight loss supplements. The FDA had to intervene as this was akin to snake oil marketing.

And the FDA came down heavy on companies selling the HCG drops.

These companies to get FDA away from them formulated their own formula and called it as HCG drops. These drops, however, did not contain a single drop of HCG hormone. Today, these types of HCG drops are called as homeopathy drops.

Customers today are confused as to where to purchase real HCG drops without any formula as mentioned in the original research paper published by Dr. Simeons.

To end this confusion there is a website called HCG Police. This website provides real information about an HCG brand. You can visit them over here hcgpolice.com

The Verdict

There is no scientific evidence that HCG Diet will lose weight and no relation of HCG hormone for the same. Since this diet is low caloric in nature, it becomes dangerous. Therefore, the verdict is tread carefully if at all you are interested in the HCG Diet.

source: www.ewingandewing.com


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