women's health

The Most Silent Problem A Woman Faces

A woman faces problems all through her life. Some of them are expressed by her while most are unsaid and remain silent. Among her silent problems, the most crucial is her desire to keep her husband happy. Before we can talk about a woman’s problem let’s talk about what a man wants? Of course, this […]

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HCG Diet

HCG Diet Is It Dangerous?

Currently, the HCG diet is gaining popularity. More and more women are following the HCG diet. The HCG diet is generally of low calorie in nature. However, the FDA hasn’t found any evidence relating HCG Diet to weight loss. Irrespective of FDA’s stand people are still loyal to HCG Diet. So what exactly is HCG […]

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The Right to Decide on Abortion

Recent events have left me pondering a topic that I have tried to avoid discussing due to its controversial nature – abortion.  But, I feel I should put down some of these thoughts as it might encourage a discussion of it. Abortion is a highly emotive topic and one that cannot be entered into lightly.  […]

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